Tier 1 Ratings for AppleTree Campuses

On October 31, 2018, the DC Public Charter School Board released its annual School Quality Report. We are pleased to report that AppleTree Early Learning Public Charter School’s Columbia Heights, Lincoln Park, Oklahoma Avenue, and Southwest┬ácampuses received a Tier 1 rating that puts us in the highest-rating for all public charter schools in the city! This is the second consecutive year being rated as Tier 1 for Columbia Heights and Lincoln Park. We are also pleased to report that our Douglas Knoll and Parklands┬ácampuses received a rating that puts us in Tier 2, the second highest-rating for all public charter schools in the city.

The annual School Quality Report measures the performance of every public charter school and provides data about this performance in a detailed but easy-to-understand format. Our report measures student outcomes (Every Child Ready‘s math and literacy as well as social-emotional learning through PBRS) and school environment (attendance and teacher interaction observations through CLASS).