Social Work and Counseling Program

The social work team’s mission is to support the academic and social-emotional needs of all the students attending AppleTree. Our team can support you and your student by:

  • Helping students build social and coping skills such as taking turns, sharing, and calming down when upset.
  • Provide counseling services to help students cope with challenging life situations, including, but not limited, to:
    • Grief and loss
    • Arrival of a new sibling
    • Home transitions
    • Divorce/separation
    • Absence of a parent
  • Providing referrals and support accessing community resources including, but not limited, to:
    • Food
    • Clothing
    • Housing
    • Health/mental health services
    • Supporting families who have experienced a loss of or unstable housing
    • Partnering with families who have attendance challenges

AppleTree partners with Georgetown Medstar to provide the following:

Family Wellbeing Program:

The center-based family health program offers FREE social and emotional health services for parents and children at THEARC (1801 Mississippi Ave SE, Washington, DC 20020). The Family Wellbeing Program includes:

  • assessments for social and emotional concerns for parents and children
  • group stress reduction and self-care workshops
  • parent support groups
  • individual therapy for parents
  • parent-child therapy
  • medication consultations for social and emotional concerns

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation:

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants (ECMHC) serve AppleTree schools by working with school principals, coaches, and teaching staff to build their capacity and grow their skills to understand, prevent, and respond to the behavioral health needs of students.

Consultants are available through workshops or one-on-one consultation to support parents with addressing social, emotional, or behavioral concerns that are presented at home.

We are here to help ensure your child has a positive school experience! Please contact Megan Berkowitz – Positive Behavior Support Manager