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Our Instructional Model

Developed by AppleTree Institute specifically for three- and four-year olds, Every Child Ready is a comprehensive way of educating children that is centered on outcomes, while creating a fun and interesting learning experience. It is currently being used to educate significant numbers of children, with plans for expansion.

Every Child Ready has three connected components:

  • What to Teach: A student curriculum that has content and structure that reflects children’s desire to learn about the world and their role in it;
  • How to Teach:  A personalized, ongoing professional development program for educators;
  • How to Know It’s Working: Real-time student assessments so educators can tailor instruction to meet evolving learning needs.

Results that Matter

Every Child Ready builds socio-emotional development, critical thinking, vocabulary, and early literacy skills. It is proven to show statistically significant gains in student learning, with AppleTree children showing greater mastery in early literacy, oral reading, and math than their non-AppleTree peers.

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