Language Acquisition Program

The Language Acquisition Program’s mission is to appropriately identify and support English Learners (ELs) and their families.

  • During the enrollment process, families are given home language surveys, and a positive response to the following questions require students to participate in taking an English language proficiency assessment.
    • What is the primary language used in the home?
    • What is the language most often used by the student?
    • What language or languages did the student use first?
  • Students who are identified as potential ELs will take the Pre-IPT Assessment, which measures English proficiency in preschool and prekindergarten students.
  • Students are then designated a level as being non-English speaking, limited-English speaking, or fluent-English speaking.
  • Parents are then notified of their student’s English proficiency status and have the option to accept or refuse language intervention support. Supports include English language acquisition interventions based on the results of the Pre-IPT and individual needs. Parents are also provided quarterly updates about their child’s intervention progress.

For more information about the Language Acquisition program, you can contact the Language Acquisition manager, CQ Wilder, at