Family Resources

Family Wellbeing Program & Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

Every campus is visited once a week by an Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant who provides school-wide support, classroom teacher consultations, and individual student consultations.

The Family Wellbeing Program offers free social and emotional support for parents and children, including assessments for social and emotional concerns for parents and children, stress reduction and self-care workshops, parent support groups, individual therapy for parents, parent-child therapy, and medication consultations for social and emotional concerns.

Joyful Food Markets Program

This program increases food access to families living in DC’s most economically disadvantaged wards. Because of its limited access to healthy food options, AppleTree has partnered with Joyful Food Markets through its partnership with Martha’s Table. Together, we are able to host “pop-up” style farmer’s markets each month to distribute more than 350 bags of fresh produce and pantry goods to students and their families enrolled at three of its campuses in wards 7 and 8.

Kindergarten Transition Program

This program helps parents navigate school selection and make the best informed choice when selecting the right elementary school kindergarten program for their students.

LIFT & AppleTree Parents Program

This program provides career mentoring and financial coaching services to AppleTree parents and guardians.