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Family Wellbeing Program

In partnership with MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, AppleTree is offering a new family health program. The center-based family health program is offering FREE social and emotional health services for parents and children at THEARC. The Family Wellbeing Program includes assessments for social and emotional concerns for parents and children, group stress reduction and self-care workshops, parent support groups, individual therapy for parents, parent-child therapy, and medication consultations for social and emotional concerns.

Mindful Parenting Workshop

AppleTree, in partnership with the Early Childhood Intervention Network (ECIN) will be offering “Mindful Parenting” workshops to all caregivers in the AppleTree community. To put it simply, this is a self-care and stress reduction workshop. In this workshop, trained teachers will cover many mindfulness-based topics such as mindful speech, listening, communication, conflict-resolution, co-parenting, discipline, eating, and community building. Caregivers will be presented with information about nurturing healthy family systems and increasing emotional self-awareness.

This is also a wonderful community to meet and engage with other like-minded parents in your community. This workshop will offer tangible self-care and stress reduction strategies for your everyday life and will help cultivate a mindful parent community here within AppleTree’s family network. This workshop has been designed for our amazing caregivers, but it will benefit children and families of all forms alike.

    Where will this take place?

  • THEARC (1801 Mississippi Avenue SE Washington D.C. 20020)
    How long is the group?

  • Weekly 90 minute classes for 8 weeks
    Who holds the workshop?

  • The team consists of a psychiatrist, therapist, mindfulness instructor, and family advocate
    Why should families participate?

  • We hope families will be a part of this supportive network of families committed to living healthier lives, physically and mentally, to support the social and emotional health of parents and children attending AppleTree
    How can families sign up?

  • If families are interested in joining the wellness community, please email your child’s teacher or school social worker

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