Professional Development: How to Teach

“Professional development and coaching […] is an integral part of the evidence-based culture of AppleTree. Teachers, leaders, coaches, and principals use student data to drive informed decision-making about how to improve instruction and pedagogy, whether for one student in particular or for a classroom as a whole.”

- Cara Stilling Candal, Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research

When teachers learn more, students learn more.

Professional development is central to the Every Child Ready instructional model. Educators receive personalized, ongoing professional development based on what they need.

AppleTree’s approach to professional development is closely connected to our focus on data. We constantly measure classroom quality indicators, so that teachers can receive practical feedback, identify strengths and weaknesses, and participate in the appropriate professional development opportunities.

This commitment brings teachers, coaches, and principals together to collaborate on each teacher’s professional development, and create a sense of shared accountability for each child’s success.

The Every Child Ready Professional Development Program provides a range of resources, centered around three core elements:

  • Professional Development Workshops: including site-based and organization-wide trainings conducted throughout the year, based on classroom quality and student achievement data
  • Differentiated Coaching: coaching includes tailored tracks based on teacher experience and classroom performance, and incorporates differentiated coaching progression for each classroom.
  • Self-Reflection and Community of Practice: dynamic monthly, biannual, and annual opportunities to observe other programs, match data, set goals, document successes and differentiate instruction.