Curriculum: What to Teach

The Every Child Ready curriculum was designed for three- and four-year-old children. It is an engaging evidence- and standards-based curricular program that balances independent, play-based learning with whole and small group instruction.

Reaching All Students
No matter their academic, social, and emotional development, Every Child Ready meets learners where they are in providing specialized instruction supporting each child’s growth and school-readiness. This includes strategies for English Language Learners and low language students who may need extra support.

A Robust Curriculum
Every Child Ready’s full-day curriculum provides effective instruction in literacy, language, math, science, social studies, physical development, creative arts, and social emotional development. Children participate in a structured and predictable set of instructional components, including whole group, small group, child-driven, and independent learning times.


Working Through Themes
Every Child Ready provides ten three-week units that explore themes, including Family & Community, Space & Astronomy, and Animal Kingdom. For schools with summer programs, Every Child Ready offers two additional units for culinary and performing arts, as well as a summer sports program. Each thematic unit includes lesson plans for 15 full days of instruction, including age-appropriate daily and weekly schedules that account for nap, lunch, outdoor play, and frequent transitions.

There are also periods between the units allowing teachers to develop their own content as part of their professional development as well as to return to content that students need reinforced, follow the interests of the children or participate in fun educational events happening in the community.


Book-Based Programs
AppleTree Institute has published more than 100 culturally and racially diverse books as part of the Every Child Ready curriculum. They include rich vocabulary, age-appropriate text, a variety of art styles and media, and a clear connection to at least one theme per book.

A Focus on Families
Family engagement is critical to each student’s success. Every Child Ready actively includes families through activities that extend each theme and regular correspondence to keep families updated on current class events.