Real-Time Assessments: How to Tell It’s Being Done Effectively

Every Child Ready uses data to empower teachers to understand what impact their teaching has and how to tailor it to better reach struggling students. Assessments drive all aspects of the Every Child Ready instructional model. They inform our curriculum and guide our professional development.

Assessments are age-appropriate. All assessments are administered one-on-one with children as short, engaging activities. Many children don’t even realize that they’re being assessed.

Assessments are real-time. We are constantly analyzing classroom performance, so that educators can measure their progress, tailor their instruction, and meet evolving learning needs.

Assessments are early intervention tools. All of the assessment tools used in Every Child Ready are part of a Response-To-Intervention model. By tracking student achievement, student behavior, and classroom quality, Every Child Ready allows educators to meet children where they are, and especially respond to struggling students sooner and intervene more effectively.

Assessments are comprehensive. Every Child Ready assessments evaluate three primary elements to determine if instruction is effective:

  • Student Achievement: to measure mastery of curriculum
  • Classroom Quality: to ensure that teacher quality and student experiences are positive
  • Student Behavior: to evaluate socio-emotional development

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