About Every Child Ready

AppleTree’s Every Child Ready instructional model aims to close the achievement gap before kindergarten, setting children up for success in school and in life. 

Every Child Ready is an evidence-based, early learning instructional model that drives what to teach, how to teach, and how to tell that children are learning. It uses fun, engaging, and age-appropriate instruction as a vehicle to drive child-centered learning outcomes. Every Child Ready is currently being used in 19 schools and partner organizations, serving more than 2,000 students across Washington, DC and New York City, with plans for expansion.

Every Child Ready has three integrated components:

  • What to Teach: A student curriculum with engaging thematic units;
  • How to Teach: A personalized, ongoing educator professional development program to engage teachers with a range of instructional and classroom management competencies;
  • How to Tell It’s Being Done Effectively: A multi-tiered measurement approach to student achievement, social-emotional development, and classroom quality.

It includes:

  • A full-day, engaging, evidence-based curriculum with Common Core aligned standards.
  • Universal screening, regular progress monitoring, and reporting tools to ensure that children are making progress.
  • Systematic way for teachers to differentiate instruction based on children’s progress, adding additional layers of support until progress is achieved.
  • Professional development and individual coaching for teachers.
  • A variety of tools to encourage increased parental engagement in children’s learning.
  • An alignment system for school leadership.

Continuous Improvement

Every Child Ready is a research-to-practice model that uses children's academic and social-emotional outcomes, teacher quality data, and educator feedback to drive ongoing refinement and development.

National Recognition

AppleTree’s Every Child Ready efforts have been recognized nationally through two federal Early Reading First grants successfully operated in DC public schools, DC public charter schools, and Head Start classrooms. In 2010, the US Department of Education awarded AppleTree a highly competitive Investing in Innovation (i3) grant to further develop and codify Every Child Ready.

Results that Last

Classrooms using Every Child Ready see statistically significant gains in students' academic performance in early math and language and literacy skills. ECR emphasizes focus on multiple domains of learning, including early science, math, and social-emotional development.

Compared to non-AppleTree peers, AppleTree alumni:

  • Recognize 25% more letters in kindergarten
  • Score 20 points higher on oral reading tests in 1st grade
  • Score 70% higher in oral reading tests by 2nd grade

Children at-risk for reading and math difficulties for a variety of reasons benefit the most, showing greater growth in language, literacy and math skills after participating in Every Child Ready.

Plans for Expansion

Though currently successful in Washington, DC and New York City, AppleTree's mission is to close the achievement gap for all children. Using the knowledge gained from six years of implementation, AppleTree plans to expand Every Child Ready's availability to other regions. This will primarily be accomplished through an integrated technology platform allowing the model to reach schools nationwide.