New Families: Please check out Family Connections and Family Engagement for more information about AppleTree Schools:

This is a video of the instructional day at an AppleTree School using the Every Child Ready Curriculum.

Juanita White – Director of Community and Family Engagement


AppleTree Early Learning Public Charter School is an engaging, full-day, tuition-free public charter preschool welcoming all children living in the District of Columbia.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and the admonishment to practice social distancing, Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), has required all public and public charter schools to accept electronic enrollment submission of school and residency documents to reserve SY21 enrollment for your child.

MySchool DC has extended the enrollment deadline for SY21 matched families to June 15th. Though the enrollment deadline has been extended, we urge you to complete your enrollment and secure your child’s seat as soon as possible.

New families will receive the results of their lottery on Friday, March 27th. Due to school closure, AppleTree school managers will begin reaching out to match families on Friday starting at 1:00pm. Tuesday, March 31st, matched families will receive these steps in the enrollment process via email:

Respond to your welcome match email by completing the online registration using the snapcode/link online registration provided in your welcome matched email.

Once you have completed the online registration, you will need to submit the enrolling parent or guardian’s valid driver’s license or state ID, student’s birth certificate (unless you are the other primary caregiver, mother/father name on birth certificate¬†must match ID), and proof of D.C. residency. Types of acceptable residency documents include:

  • Any one of the following:
    • Pay stub
    • D.C. gov financial assistance
    • Certified D.C. tax form-D40
    • Military housing orders showing D.C address
    • Current Embassy letter
  • Any two of the following:
    • D.C. motor vehicle registration
    • D.C. driver’s license/non-driver ID
    • Signed lease with most recent monthly payment
    • Most recent utility bill with most recent payment that shows receipt within the same billing cycle

Once these documents have been submitted via email, fax, dropped off in a secure lockbox at our home office (located at 1801 Mississippi Avenue SE, 3rd Floor, Washington, D.C. 20020), or mailed to the home office, the enrollment team will send you the D.C. Residency Verification Form via email to sign electronically and the My School D.C. Seat Acceptance Form, also to be signed and returned electronically. We are using a safe, secure method for us to receive your legally binding signature electronically.

To accommodate families who may need to drop their documents off at our home office (1801 Mississippi Avenue, SE Washington D.C. 20020 in THEARC West), there is a secure lockbox located in the lobby of the building. Drop off times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 10:00am – 3:00pm. The lobby desk number is 202-889-5901. To adhere to social distancing rules, THEARC will only permit one family at a time in the drop off area. We ask that you please be patient and expect to wait your turn in the vestibule of the lobby area.

Returning families will have until Wednesday, May 27th to submit documents to reserve their child’s seat for SY21. Please check with your school’s manager to see if any of your documents from last year can carry over for the next school year. If you have not completed your online registration (deadline was February 29th), your child’s seat has been forfeited. You may be placed on the campus waitlist.

We understand that this process may be challenging for our families. Please reach out to Juanita White, the Director of Enrollment & Family Engagement at familyengagement@appletreeinstitute.org or call (202) 813-3521 for assistance. AppleTree is dedicated to supporting all of our families during this time and will work with you to ensure your child has a seat at the best early learning preschool in the District!

If you have questions, please send an email to enrollment@appletreeinstitute.org or familyengagement@appletreeinstitute.org

For information on Child Care Subsidy Vouchers, check for Voucher Eligibility here

For information about the work that AppleTree Early Learning PCS does on fulfilling the Child Find Policy which includes identifying, locating and evaluating AppleTree students with disabilities, read this document.

For information regarding SFA free and reduced price school meals, please click here.