Students learn more at AppleTree Schools. And they have fun doing it!

Children who graduate from AppleTree with the strong academic and social skills needed to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. In fact, they demonstrate greater mastery of early literacy, oral reading, and math than their non-AppleTree peers.

Children who enter AppleTree below grade level typically graduate at or above it, as measured by recognized assessments.

Compared to non-AppleTree peers, AppleTree alumni:

  • Recognize 25% more letters in kindergarten
  • Score 20 points higher on oral reading tests in 1st grade
  • Score 70% higher in oral reading tests by 2nd grade

Children at-risk for reading and math difficulties for a variety of reasons benefit the most, showing greater growth in literacy and math skills after participating in Every Child Ready.

Why does it matter?
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It is commonly known that research shows that evidence-based early-interventions are effective at closing achievement gaps before kindergarten. In the short term, they are shown to reduce grade retention, special education placements, and remedial education, while improving graduation rates. Long-term, they are associated with improved education, health, economic, and life outcomes.

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