About AppleTree Schools

Students at AppleTree Schools benefit from a different experience than they would at other pre-school and pre-K programs:
  • A focus on your child: We know that ages three and four are a critical time in your child’s development, so that’s all we teach – and we’re determined to do it right. Our teachers are well-trained to meet each child’s needs and prepare them to succeed in kindergarten.
  • A size you can manage: Transitioning from daycare is a big step. Large environments with older students can be distracting, disruptive, and intimidating. Our focus on three- and four-year olds helps ensure that children are in an environment where they feel safe and free to learn.
  • A quality staff: AppleTree educators are quality, caring professionals. We have at least two instructors in each classroom, including a Lead Teacher with a Bachelor's degree, meaning that each child will receive the specialized, individual attention that he or she needs.
  • Convenient locations: AppleTree has 11 campuses across Washington, DC. We offer options and assistance to help families select the school location that best meets their needs. We also offer Extended Day Programs for students to keep them engaged in learning after the traditional school day.
  • Meaningful results: Children learn more at AppleTree -- and they have fun doing it! Our students are better prepared for Kindergarten than their non-AppleTree peers, showing greater mastery of early literacy, reading, and math.
  • An innovative approach: Our award-winning instructional model, called Every Child Ready, was developed by AppleTree just for three- and four-year olds. We continuously test and improve this model to ensure that children are learning and exploring through play and appropriate instruction.