AppleTree Early Learning Public Charter School Celebrates its LEA Tier 1 Schools, @AppleTree Partnership Schools, and Parklands Campus

AppleTree Early Learning Public Charter School Celebrates its LEA Tier 1 Schools, @AppleTree Partnership Schools, and Parklands Campus


On October 28, 2019, the DC Public Charter School Board (DC PCSB) released its annual School Quality Report  We are pleased to report that our following campuses have received a Tier 1 rating: Columbia Heights (third year); Douglas Knoll (20.5% increase from the previous school year); Lincoln Park (third year); and Oklahoma Avenue (second year).  

AppleTree provides an honorable mention to Parklands Campus, who received a total score of 70.6 %. Parklands did not receive a Tier because 2018-19 was its first school year. The school will receive a Tier beginning in the school year 2019-20.

AppleTree also celebrates our @AppleTree partnership schools Tier 1 status and the hard work of parents, teachers, and instructional leaders. Congratulations, Perry Street Preparatory and Rocketship Legacy. Acknowledgments to our @AppleTree partnership schools who achieved a Tier 2 rating, Rocketship Rise, and Achievement Preparatory (13.5% increase from last year). 

“We salute our parents, families, teachers, and school leaders for their extraordinary work in delivering a high-quality early childhood education to the children we serve in the district,” said Jack McCarthy, AppleTree’s President, and CEO.  

About DC Public Charter School Board School Quality Report

The annual School Quality Report measures the performance of every public charter school and provides data about this performance in a detailed but easy-to-understand format. The report measures each school in the same four categories of performance, including: Student Progress, Student Achievement, Future Educational Success (called “Gateway”), and School Environment (i.e., attendance and re-enrollment rates, which helps the DC PCSB measure families’ satisfaction with their particular school.

About AppleTree Schools

AppleTree was founded in 1996 by Jack McCarthy & Lex Towle to increase the supply of effective schools through innovation. AppleTree furthered their quest for innovation by winning a prestigious Investing in Innovation grant in 2010 to research, develop, pilot, roll out and evaluate Every Child Ready (ECR), a comprehensive preschool instructional model for three and four-year-olds. Currently, AppleTree schools serve 1,300 three- and four-year-old children and their families throughout Washington, DC. Learn more at

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