AppleTree CEO Inducted in DC Charter Hall of Fame

AppleTree President and CEO Jack McCarthy was inducted in the DC Charter Hall of Fame at the FOCUS Gala on March 22, 2018. It was a wonderful evening also celebrating the impact on DC charter schools by fellow honorees Josephine Baker (former Executive Director of the DC Public Charter School Board), Julie Meyer (founder and former Executive Director of The Next Step PCS), and Linda Moore, founder of Elsie Whitlow Stokes PCS.

AppleTree’s Jack McCarthy accepting the DC Charter Hall of Fame award at the FOCUS Gala on March 22, 2018.

About Jack McCarthy:

Jack McCarthy is President and CEO of AppleTree Institute for Education Innovation and AppleTree Early Learning Public Charter School. After seeing the number of children entering high school reading at a 5th grade level, Jack asked, “What if we could provide these children with quality early learning from the start so they could enter kindergarten ready to thrive?”

Jack concluded that the place where he could make the greatest impact was in creating preschools that could erase the achievement gap before children even entered kindergarten. Jack co-founded AppleTree Institute in 1996 and has supported the creation of Washington Mathematics Science Technology PCS, Cesar Chavez Public Policy PCS, and Paul PCS, as well as AppleTree Early Learning PCS in 2005.

The Center for High Impact Philanthropy featured AppleTree for its effectiveness as a “Nonprofit Making An Impact,” citing that children attending AppleTree preschools, regardless of family income levels, advanced their learning and skills leading up to kindergarten. Students with risk factors for lower achievement, in particular, showed greater rates of growth in literacy and math skills, performing close to national averages on commonly used tests. AppleTree’s instructional model, Every Child Ready, includes a fully developed curriculum, comprehensive training and professional development for teachers, and data-driven tools to monitor each child’s progress and tailor instruction to meet their needs.

Under Jack’s leadership, AppleTree has grown from an innovative “idea” to  an enterprising $25 million leader in the early learning field, with 250 staff and a growing impact on policy and practice. In 2010, AppleTree Institute won a $5 million US Department of Education Investing in Innovation (‘i3”) development grant for Every Child Ready. Today, AppleTree educates more than 1,300 children across 11 charter preschools in high-need neighborhoods.