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Ages three and four mark a critical point in a child’s development. Providing an introduction to school with engaging teachers in a safe, structured environment can instill in children a lifelong love of learning and prepare them for future school.

AppleTree Schools aim to provide young children with the social, emotional, and cognitive foundations they need for success in school and life.

AppleTree is an engaging, full-day, free public charter preschool welcoming all three- and four-year-olds living in Washington, DC. Under the leadership of Chief of Schools Anne Malone, AppleTree currently serves 830 children at eight public charter preschool campuses across the District and will expand to ten campuses in the Fall of 2016.

AppleTree focuses on three- and four-year-olds, supporting their specific developmental needs with an experience created just for them. Children who graduate from AppleTree have the strong academic and social skills needed to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

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