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AppleTree Institute for Education Innovation

AppleTree Institute’s mission is to close the achievement gap by transforming early childhood education through the research, development, and dissemination of an evidence-based, high-quality instructional approach that prepares children for success in school, work, and life.

An ambitious mission, right? At AppleTree, we understand the challenges at hand, but we have already been able to track our progress towards achieving this mission simply because of how we operate:

  • We are outcome-oriented: We develop instructional models and techniques for top quality teaching that are evidence-based and forward thinking. We have aimed our programs at the most under-resourced populations in DC and have seen significant improvements from all children, especially those who started out most at risk for reading difficulties.
  • Our approach is unusual: AppleTree Institute serves as a “research and development” arm for the seven campuses of AppleTree Early Learning Public Charter School that we operate in the District of Columbia. We produce superb programs and can test them in a carefully observed setting.
  • We believe in data: Our instructional model, Every Child Ready, is based on evidence to ensure that our children are learning and our teachers are growing. We are able to relentlessly track our classroom performance data and constantly tweak our programs to make them more effective. Teachers can meet each child’s individual instructional needs and advance learning for all children.
  • We have strong supporters: The US Department of Education validated AppleTree’s work with a $5 million Investing in Innovation (i3) grant to develop and produce our comprehensive instructional model, Every Child Ready.
  • Our method works: AppleTree alumni recognize 25% more letters in kindergarten, demonstrate better oral reading fluency in 1st grade (scoring 20 points higher on tests), and become stronger oral readers by 2nd grade (70% higher) than their non-AppleTree peers.
  • We know how to share: Any early childhood program can implement AppleTree’s instructional model, Every Child Ready, to advance teacher effectiveness and child outcomes. AppleTree is poised to have a national impact on student achievement.
  • We are constantly looking forward: AppleTree is seeking more partnerships with schools in the District and beyond so that we can scale out our proven instructional model for effective early childhood education.

At AppleTree Institute, we firmly believe that using innovative and data-driven approaches to early childhood education can create positive effects across the board. Ages three and four mark a crucial point in a child’s development; learning in a classroom with teachers who are effective, highly qualified, and professionally supported can make a huge difference.

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